Monday, 15 October 2012

My DIY 50's Wedding 11.08.2012

Well I haven't blogged for such a long time my camera broke (eventually repaired and sent back after lots of cross phone calls) and I guess I got out of the habit and then the wedding loomed closer and closer. And being wedding planner, flower arranger, sign painter and bride it all got a little hectic quickly.  So anyhow would you like to see the pictures?

 I arranged the wedding in three months with help from my Step Mum and MIL and it's all DIY to the last detail! Myself and my sisters set it all up the day before with the help of our Dad and Uncle who did all the heavy lifting. I made our bouquets and did my own hair and it was just how I had imagined. Home made bunting and ribbon hanging from trees blowing in the light breeze of a glorious summers day!

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed the day....
Relaxed, informal, vintage inspired, swing singer, and garden swing, cream teas, hog roast, magicians, sweet bar and much more.

The bridesmaids are my little sisters and the pageboys are my sons. 

An English Summer wedding bliss...

I'm thinking of posting the before and after pictures, showing how we set everything up. The home made details, the morning after with the weary campers enjoying their breakfast in the marque. Also maybe some of the signs I made for the day and how. Please comment if you's like to see any of the above?


  1. Wow Safia! What a fabulous, super-stylish wedding ... Love the informal, apply, relaxed pictures, and yes, would definitely love to see the before and afters.

    Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine ...

    Claire xxx

  2. wow! i just stumbled on your blog and i am loving the pics of your wedding, it looks like the dream wedding day! The photos are lovely! I always am quite criticle (S?) of wedding photos ever since I've been reading peoples blogs as i really think that british wedding photographers miss the point of them. They never get the picture that i would want at my wedding. (which was a long time ago in the non digital days lol) Your photos are just fabulous and i def think you should share more!!

  3. Oh my goodness such a beautiful wedding, and you are sooo pretty! I love 50's style weddings, they just seem so authentic. Looks like you have a totally wonderful day, congratulations.