Saturday, 26 May 2012

Herman The German Friendship Cake

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from a friends of mine saying that she had a friendship cake mix at home called Herman and that in 10 days he would have grown enough to share would I like to have some to make my own. I wasn't sure if she was serious or joking..... well she was being serious and my first thought was would I really want a to make a cake from something that had been sitting on my friends counter for 10 days.... and that a bit of it would have sat on someone else's counter before that.... well in the end I got over the idea and thought the boys would LOVE the idea of looking after a cake mix, growing it, sharing it and cooking a cake at the end.

So here are some photo's of Herman's Journey.

Herman is delivered with his instructions. I emptied him into a big bowl gave him a good stir and covered him with a tea towel. Then we kept stirring him once a day for the next few days. It then came to the day where we had to feed Herman with plain flour, sugar and milk.

The eldest bee gave it all a really good stir.

Then we covered continued to stir for the next few days and watched him bubble and grow.

And then it came to the day where we had to add the same amount of milk, flour and sugar as before and split the mixture ready to share with three others and then make our own cake.

We made ours tonight. It smells divine when cooking but sadly my camera finally broke today. The lens kept jamming when turning on and finally jammed open today. So here's a picture of my friends Herman cake that she made with her little girl to give you an idea of what the finished product looks like...... taaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A moist apple and raisin sour dough cake!! Yummy.

Would you like to start your own Herman to share with your friends?

You can find out how here > Herman


  1. Timing couldn't have been more perfect. Just sat down at the computer having made you 3 cushions!

  2. Ellie he LOVES them! Thank you xx